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Shower Remodeling Options

A shower remodeling project in Las Vegas requires a unique combination of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC expertise. A tub replacement or remodel is easier said than done, because tubs and showers are usually custom-made and cannot be purchased from a “standardized” unit. Tubs must be perfectly level and free of any bumps, cracks, or “dips,” otherwise they will not fit together properly and will not be sturdy enough to support the weight of the shower and its occupants. Also, because of the constant contact between the tub and walls, it is important that no leaks are present, or any part of the plumbing connections are rusting or leaking.

In the case of a complete bathroom overhaul, including a shower remodeling project in Las Vegas, the best bathroom remodeling in Las Vegas will have his own set of tools and equipment, as well as special plumbing and electrical connections. The most common plumbing issues involved in this kind of construction are leaks under the sink and pipes behind the walls. To avoid having to hire an experienced plumbing company, a general contractor can hire an electrician to check the electrical connections and make necessary changes. For example, if a wall is made of poured concrete rather than plaster, then it might be necessary to remove the concrete and replace it with a plaster or fiberglass. In some instances, especially those where the room is already finished, it might be necessary to install pipes that extend from the ceiling down to the floor.

Once the general contractor has assessed the state of the plumbing and electrical connections in the bathroom, he will be in a better position to negotiate a fair price for the shower remodeling job. A general contractor will not be anxious to pay a premium for a bathroom that may need expensive repairs, but will also require a new shower head, new shower curtains, new wall panels, and other major appliances. In Las Vegas, this usually includes a new, high-end shower, often with several wash sinks and/or baths. Shower curtain prices will vary, depending on the type of materials and design. Be sure that the contractor you choose uses high quality materials and has a reputation for fair dealing.

New shower curtains will require installation and will most likely require a plumber and a licensed electrician. The plumbing for a new shower should be done by someone who has experience, since installing pipes and fittings is not something that a novice can do. A shower remodeling contractor can usually provide advice about what types of plumbing and electrical components are available on the market. There are three main types of shower enclosures: enclosed porcelain tubs, walk-in shower enclosures, and flexible enclosures. Enclosed porcelain tubs are the least expensive of these options.

Walk-in shower enclosures, sometimes called shower stalls, are easy to install and come in a variety of styles. They can be customized to fit into the existing plumbing of a house, or they can be designed as part of a new house. Although the price of this type of shower remodeling will depend on the material chosen and the complexity of the installation, it is an ideal way to add an attractive feature to the shower. Some common options include tiling fixtures, soap dishes, shower curtains, and wall panels.

Tiling is another option for someone who wants to remodel the shower. It is a fast and simple way to change the appearance of the shower by adding new fixtures. There are tile options for both the floor and the walls of a shower, and the tiles can be installed with a special kit for an even easier job. Tile can also be purchased in rolls or individual tiles that can be intermixed to create patterns. Other fixtures, such as soap dishes, may be installed using removable peel-and-stick applicators.